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Congratulations to the teams chosen to represent the United States at the 2014 ICU World Championship.  The University of Cincinnati will be representing the US in the  Hip Hop division and University of Minnesota will be representing the United States in the Jazz and Pom division. They will be competing at the ICU World Championship in Orlando, FL on April 24 & 25, 2014. 



2009 marked the first year for the ICU World Championship in Orlando, Florida. The selection process consisted of determining which single dance team would represent the United States of America in a competition that involved separate three routines (Jazz, Hip Hop, and Freestyle Cheerdance).  With four UDA College National Championship titles in the Division 1A Hip Hop division and a more than stellar record in the Division 1A Jazz, the University of Cincinnati Dance Team became the first ever Team USA Dance.  The UC Dance Team head coach of over a decade, Lisa Spears, guided the team to an astonishing victory.  Team USA Dance received gold medals in the Jazz, Hip Hop, and Freestyle Cheerdance categories.  This "Dream Team" was truly remarkable.

Once again, the National Dance Team dominated the stage at the 2010 ICU World Championships in Orlando, Florida.  The Golden Gopher Dance Team from the University of Minnesota was selected to represent the United States of America after submitting a phenomenal tryout video.  The Golden Gophers won the UDA College National Champion five times, and in 2010 they were the first dance team to win both the Jazz and Pom categories within Division 1A.  Amber Jackson, the Golden Gopher head coach, steered the talented team in the right direction, winning gold in the Jazz and Freestyle categories and silver in Hip Hop at the ICU World Championship.

2012 was another great year for the National Dance Team. The University of Memphis was selected to represent the United States in the Hip Hop division. They have won 13 National Titles in Hip Hop at UCA's College Nationals. Pace Elite was selected to represent the United States in the Jazz and Pom division. Pace Elite's dance team has been competing for over 20 years. They have competed at Worlds for the past five years and have walked away wining the Jazz division every year.

Learn about the dance teams who represented Team USA Dance in 2013.


ICU World Championships
2009 Jazz  - Gold
2009 Hip Hop  - Gold
2009 Freestyle - Gold

2010 Jazz - Gold
2010 Hip Hop - Silver
2010 Freestyle - Gold

2011 Jazz - Gold
2011 Hip Hop - Gold
2011 Freestyle - Gold

2012 Jazz - Gold
2012 Hip Hop - Silver
2012 Freestyle - Gold

2013 Jazz - Gold
2013 Hip Hop - Silver
2013 Freestyle - Gold


    2009 Slideshow

    2010 Slideshow

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